How to determine your Childbirth Philosophy

As you begin to teach childbirth classes consider what your intention is. Your confidence and effectiveness will increase knowing what you believe and what you wish to accomplish.

You might work for a hospital or other organization that mandates your teaching their curriculum, still you will have greater satisfaction and be more effective once you understand your core philosophy.

Answer the following questions to help you reflect upon your beliefs. Suggestion: jot down your thoughts in a journal or record them in a voice memo on your phone.

When you’re done use the answers to help direct you as you develop your teaching style, curriculum, and begin to teach childbirth classes.

Reflection Questions

– How would you describe birth?

– How safe or dangerous is it?

– How does birth fit into the rest of life?

– What is the role of the labor partner?

– What is the primary role of the caregiver?

– What makes for the best birthing environment?

– What role do fathers plan in pregnancy, birth, and early parenting?

– What is your role as a childbirth educator?

– What do you wish for childbearing women and their families?

– What are your expectations of families seeking your professional assistance?

7 thoughts on “How to determine your Childbirth Philosophy

  1. These questions are essential in creating your plan of action as an impactful facilitator. For me these questions serves as lighthouses to keep me in tuned with myself and desires for others and not get lost in the bs…oops!

  2. These are wonderful questions to really get you thinking about more than just the physical process of birth, but all of the additional aspects as well.

  3. WOW!!!! as I think about these question is like infusing a breath of fresh air into my career . It remind me of why I became a nurse , and why I after 34 years I still love working in L&D post partum and nursery

  4. These are great questions to really challenge our own thoughts about birth. And to acknowledge everyone may not feel the same/

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