Think about Homebirth

In recent years in the United States more women have made the informed decision to give birth at home. See link at CDC.

Midwives provide extraordinary service to pregnant women giving birth at home. Prenatal appointments with midwives are usually 1 hour long. In midwifery appointments women are educated about nutrition and the many changes to their bodies are discussed.  They are given time to ask questions and all their concerns are addressed.  Midwives take the time to build trust and a relationship with the women that they serve.

Homebirth is safe

Under the care of a trained midwife giving birth at home is safe and has been researched to show better birth outcomes and less medical intervention then giving birth in a hospital. For healthy, low risk pregnant women home birth is safe. See articleOutcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives”.


Homebirths cost an average of $3000-$5000; this is much less than a hospital birth and offers more intimate care. See link for hospital charges. Midwives not only deliver babies, but care for women after they give birth. They often come to a woman’s home to check on her and the baby on day 1, day 3, day 5, day 7, at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks. For the cost this level of care is amazing.


The feeling of empowerment and the level of intimacy that giving birth at home provides is immensely satisfying to pregnant women and their families. Giving birth at home gives women the freedom to make choices regarding their bodies, their babies, and their births. They can eat or drink freely. They can walk, squat, kneel or move into whatever positions they wish. They can push and deliver their baby in any position and in any room they choose. Women get to be active participants and own their birth experiences.

Homebirth offers women a transformative experience that cannot be replicated in a hospital. It should not be a surprise that homebirth rates will continue to rise in the United States.

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