Consultant Services for doula program development

Doula Workshop

Childbirth Professionals International can assist your hospital, birth center, or local community group to develop a program to provide doula care to pregnant women and their families.

Doulas provide important care as part of the health team. Doula care has the following benefits for women giving birth:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Shortens labor
  • Reduces labor pain
  • Reduces need for medication
  • Reduces need for vacuum/forceps
  • Reduces cesarean birth
  • Increase overall satisfaction with birth experience

Read “The Evidence for Doulas” by Rebecca L. Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN Click to read.

Many hospitals in the United States have successful doula programs using one or a combination of the following models:

  • Hospital managed free volunteer doula program
  • Hospital managed out of pocket paid doula program
  • Partnership with local community doula program
  • Families self select their own private doula

Examples of Hospital Doula Programs

Consultant Services

Assistance with the start or growth of doula programs:

  • Proposal preparation
  • Program development
  • Program management
  • Volunteer recruitment and screening

Volunteer and Staff Training

We offer Doula and Labor Support training workshops and certification programs.

Advanced Doula workshops for experienced doulas to maintain their skills and increase their knowledge.


“Everything about birth is better when a doula is present.”


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