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Google Voice a tool for Birth Professionals

doula business tools

You know about Google and gmail, but have you tried Google Voice?

Google Voice is currently a free phone number provided to you through your Google account. You are able to select your area code and pick from a selection of phone numbers.

Google Voice is an excellent tool for those who want a separate phone number for their doula or other birth business, without the additional cost.

A great feature is that voice mail messages can be transcribed and sent as an email so that you never have to call your phone to check your messages again, saving you endless amounts of time. Google Voice also allows you to receive text messages.

Google Voice can ring to any phone you wish so that you no longer have to give out multiple phones numbers, such as your work, cell, and home. Also, you can keep your everyday phone number private, and only give out the Google Voice number.  If you move or change cell phone carriers no worries, your Google Voice number is always the same.

And currently, you can make domestic calls through gmail for free if you are in the United States and Canada.

There are so many useful features, go to Google Voice to learn more.

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