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Jessica Garcez CPI Doula Trainer


Jessica is a birth and certified postpartum doula, certified placenta specialist and childbirth educator.

Jessica loves people and loves to help others achieve their goals in life. She has been a doula without knowing since she was 16 years old when she attended the birth of her cousin. When she was 21, she had an amazing opportunity to be present for a cesarean birth and saw her friend’s newborn being delivered by an amazing team of doctors.

Since 2014, Jessica has been a childcare provider and mother’s helper and has always wanted to assist her clients in ways beyond childcare. That’s when she learned about the doula profession. She found a new way of providing her clients with additional support via education and techniques learned through her doula training about care for the newborn and the newly postpartum mother.

Jessica is joyful and very confident about the quality of support that she gives to her amazing clients. She is proud of being able to help women be empowered and feel safe about their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

Now Jessica has a new goal which is to train, educate, and assist new doulas to achieve their life goals…providing respectful care for their clients and communities.

Contact Information

Email: jessicairisgarcez@gmail.com Phone/Text:510-246-6223


The CPI Doula Birth and Postpartum certification program is internationally recognized and prepares doulas for an amazing and rewarding career. The comprehensive curriculum prepares doulas to support women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Participants will also learn strategies to build a successful doula business.

Learning Outcomes

The curriculum is competency based. Students will be able to:

  • Identify attributes of doula care that improve birth outcomes
  • Implement techniques that assist with coping during labor
  • Recognize transformative phases of childbirth
  • Assist mothers with initial breastfeeding
  • Assess state of families during postpartum and provide care
  • Write a doula business plan

Steps for Doula Certification

1. Take Doula Birth and Postpartum Course

2. Provide Doula support for two families (click here to view form)

3. Interview two birth professionals (click here to view form)

4. Complete reading required course books (click here to view list)

Fees automatically include certification, membership, and paperless documentation.

Nothing to mail or fax! No yearly fees.

Other courses – Placenta Workshop

Two day session meeting 10 am to 2 pm in which participants learn about placenta anatomy, placentophagy, recipes and much more.

Registration Form

Please complete form and then instructions are emailed to pay by Venmo. (Save $50, only for Doula course if you register early 30 days before session begins.)


Jessica Garcez


Refund Policy

Without exception all refund requests must be submitted in writing 30 days before workshop is scheduled to begin. A nonrefundable fee of $75 will be retained in all cases. Late cancellations receive a credit to attend same workshop within 1 year. Credits are not transferable to a different attendee. We extend our empathy to anyone experiencing an unforeseen circumstance including personal or family illness or an emergent event. You may request a credit to attend same workshop led by Jessica Garcez; must be completed within 1 year of original payment.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop in response to circumstances beyond our control. In the event of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded.

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