How to fund your training as a Doula or other birth professional

Dear Childbirth Professional,

I am excited for you to begin your journey as a:

  • Doula
  • Childbirth Educator
  • Birth Yoga Instructor
  • And whichever role you are currently pursuing in the birth profession

I am the lead trainer and executive director for Childbirth Professionals International, but don’t let that fool you. I understand hardship and financial difficulties, because I am still working hard each day to grow my business and provide for my kids.

I am a single mother that has pushed to pursue her passion to work in the field she loves, even through a divorce and heartache.  I believe in living my dreams and my dreams have and are still coming true.

I wish for your dreams to come true. Below I share with you my advice and tips on how to fund your training and certification dreams. Click here to learn more about the CPI affordable Doula program offering payment plans.

See your training as an investment

Doulas can earn more than $1000 per birth. Childbirth Educators charge $100-$400 per couple for their classes. Your training course may cost you around $450, but you should be able to earn that back and more once you start offering your services.

Plan and be patient

Everything will fall into place when the time is right. So trust. If you don’t have the money today, then waiting is a good option.  We will offer your training again soon.  As well if you are applying for a scholarship they are only offered a few times a year so you may have to plan and wait.

Seek a scholarship

Search the internet for scholarships available to childbirth professionals. Check your state health department; grant money may be set aside for training and development for maternal health. Also, check with your employer they may have funds available.

Raise money

The following are ideas on how you can raise money for your certification and training:

  • Traditional fundraising such as bake sales, garage sales, Sees candy sale, raffles
  • Offer your services for child care, running errands, house cleaning, dog walking
  • Make crafts to sell
  • Use credit cards
  • Sell your Doula services or birth classes in advance
  • Be creative and make a list of what you can do in exchange for donations
  • Create a Facebook page and use Paypal  to ask for donations
  • Use an online fundraising provider such as

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