I will be blogging about my career journey as a birth professional with its highs and lows, its twists and turns. I invite you to follow me on this journey.

One lesson I have been learning is to focus the work that I do.  This has made me happy and effective.  I use to serve on the a professional board and I was editor of the a peer reviewed journal. In addition I worked for two different hospitals teaching childbirth classes, prenatal yoga, and I also taught private childbirth classes in my home, while mentoring other childbirth educators.

It all became too much. I had to let some of my birth work go.

It was a process — and didn’t happen overnight, but I finally am focused on birth work that both revives and challenges me.

You must be careful to do work that does not deplete you and burn you out. Narrow the work that you do. I now just teach small private birth classes in my home and I mentor birth professionals and I love my balanced life.

I don’t shy away from saying no. I have learned with birth work that you can do too much. Staying focused keeps you fresh. And if you are not fresh then you are probably not focused.

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