rebozo seoul training

First ever Seoul Rebozo Techniques Training

We had so much fun at the Rebozo techniques training in Seoul this past March. The workshop led by CPI Trainer Dee Abe was both practical and fun.

Little translation was needed for this hands on workshop. Participants were both Korean and expat health care professionals. Some traveled to Seoul from as far as 4-5 hours away to learn these useful labor comfort techniques. It was well worth the journey.

The Rebozo is a long piece of fabric used to provide comfort during pregnancy and labor. The Rebozo can help pregnant women with backache, hip pain, and other discomforts.  Also, it can be used to assist in turning the baby. Rebozo techniques can help women to have a natural childbirth experience. Participants were taught over 30 different techniques.

CPI will be offering additional workshops in Seoul.

The workshop is for healthcare professionals, doulas, midwives, nurses, and doctors.

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