Doula Training Workshop

How to find clients after your Birth Doula training

So you attended a Birth Doula Training and are inspired to begin helping families, but how do you find the pregnant families that need your services? It is easier than you think.


Start by asking your friends and family members if they could recommend your services to pregnant families. Look within your local community if you are part of a group i.e. church, school, fitness club, then make an announcement of your services to the group. Also, don’t be shy to just approach someone within the group that is pregnant and tell her about your skills and offer your services.


Make a website about your services. Use social media sites. Post on the website of your local newspaper in the classified or business section.

Our previous post Top Websites to List Your Birth Business lists other fabulous websites where you can create a free business profile.

A community bulletin board at your local library, coffee house, book store, or grocery store is another overlooked resource where you can post information about your doula services.


Contact childbirth educators, birth centers, midwifery groups, maternity and baby clothing shops in your area to tell them all about your doula services.  Join or start a doula association in your community where you can get advice and work together to promote doula care.


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