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Favorite Exercises for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an important time in a woman’s life. A woman will experience many changes, especially to her body. It is essential that a women be active and exercise during pregnancy to stay healthy and fit.

Exercise also helps women to connect to their body and baby in a unique way.  Exercise time becomes that pause in an often busy schedule where the mother-to-be can focus on herself, her health, and her baby. She can get in touch with her physical and inner strength. Exercise increases her endurance and her power. Through regular exercise pregnant women can explore and discover their inner abilities to give birth.

Some of our favorite exercises for pregnancy are:

  1. Walking
  2. Prenatal Yoga
  3. Dancing/Zumba
  4. Swimming

If you are a birth professional compile a list of pregnancy exercise classes in your local area that you can recommend to pregnant women.

Also, there are great videos online for pregnant moms to use. This prenatal yoga series by Katy is nice.


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