Faith in Pregnancy Unsure about Birth

We don’t trust the body to give birth. Pregnancy works with little debate.  Once a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall a baby develops.

Explain it, maybe. But it is just amazing how eyes, eye lashes, tiny toes, fingers, and hair grow.

A baby grows night and day in a woman’s uterus whether she sleeps, works, drives, tweets . . .

And at this point in human history there is no other way to grow a baby accept in the womb/uterus. So unwavering faith is placed in the uterus to do it’s job.

We just don’t doubt or question the capability of the uterus to do the complex work of human development. No other way exists.

Interestingly enough, when it is time for labor and birth, doubts, questions, and fears arise. Some how the baby’s journey from the uterus through the vagina is prone to error. A woman’s body can perfectly grow a baby, yet fail her during childbirth. True or not true?

Growing a thinking, reasoning human being is a much more difficult and complex task than labor and birth. The faith society and the health care profession have in the uterus to grow and nourish life perfectly should be applied to the birth process.

Confidence. Certainty. Fearlessness. These attitudes should dominate the process of giving birth. If we can trust pregnancy, we can trust birth.

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