c. Exercise


This one you know…exercise every day.

Exercise effects everything…your health, psyche, emotions, spirit, energy, and inspiration.

Did you exercise already today? If not just take an evening walk. If the weather’s not great, then think about what you can do right now to exercise…

Search YouTube for short exercise videos that you like and start following them at home. Don’t do exercise that you’re not connecting with. If you really hate it don’t do it.

I personally like yoga, because I feel more connected to my body. I also like walking because when I walk I get to see nature and the changing sky and geese and rabbits on the trail which make me ponder life…Walking inspires me. Riding my bike and roller skating are enjoyable too.

Another one I love is dancing…

Put on your favorite song and dance to it in the comfort of your home…with no one watching.

Write down how you feel after you exercise.

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