pregnant woman

Embracing the Post Pregnancy Body

You will find the birth story of Ashlee Wells Jackson moving. Her story strikes a theme that many women can relate to — coming to terms with their imperfect body changed through pregnancy and birth.pregnant woman

Ashlee’s story and her work as a photographer encourages women to celebrate the beauty of stretch marks, changed breasts, added body fat, cesarean scars, and wherever they find their bodies at presently — it’s all good! Click for Ashlee’s story.

The 4th Trimester Bodies Project captures images of mothers post pregnancy in their underwear looking extraordinarily glorious — no retouching just realness.

Ashlee’s work is important not only because it empowers women, but also because she demonstrates how her talent as a photographer complements her work as a birth professional. She is traveling and working on her photo documentary, The 4th Trimester Project. You can catch her tour and get your photo taken; click to view tour dates.

The birth profession is vast and many opportunities are possible beyond doula work. So many women are building thriving businesses, making excellent income, and supporting women through the journey of childbirth. Read the book Called to the Childbirth Profession to learn more.

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