Educate Midwives

Educating midwives in America improves birth outcomes

Medical evidence and research studies demonstrates that midwifery care would significantly increase birth outcomes for women in the United States. It is a fact that midwifery care decreases poor outcomes. However, although midwifery care is widely known to improve birth outcomes little discussion or strategic planning addresses the institutionalized barriers that hinder students from obtaining midwifery education in the United States. Birth outcomes will be difficult to improve without increasing the number of midwives and making midwifery care accessible to every woman in America.

Starting in California

California is ground zero to transform midwifery care in America. Certified Nurse Midwives and Licensed Midwives can practice legally in the state. Midwives already work in leading hospitals like Kaiser Permanente. The infrastructure at the community college level is available to ramp up training a new generation of midwives.

The time is now to implement policies that will change birth in America. Developing a strategic plan to educate midwives and ingrate midwives fully into the health care system is key.


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