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Get Paid What You’re Worth

Whatever title you hold as a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant or other type of birth professional it is important to get paid what you are worth.

I recently gave notice to leave my contractors position, teaching birth classes at a doctor’s office.  The money just wasn’t enough.

I do love being a childbirth educator and I often say that I would do it for free; but that doesn’t work when you are trying to provide for your family.

Very often I have witnessed that birth professionals sell themselves short and are underpaid and overworked. The truth is that the field of childbirth professionals is dominated by women and women have a hard time valuing themselves and placing a dollar value upon the work that they do.

Each person must make their own personal assessment and travel their own road to comprehend their inherent value. Especially, their monetary worth for the work they do.

What I know is that I just can’t go backwards. I quit the doctor’s office, because it was just not worth it financially for me to teach a childbirth class for less money than what I should be making.

I don’t fear losing that opportunity, nor do I fear losing the income, (even though it was small it was steady). However, life has taught me that if I stay in a situation that is not right, then I am blocking the opportunities that I should have. The sooner I let go, the better, so I can continue on to where I should be.

I don’t negotiate my class fees. I don’t negotiate my worth.

It’s set.

My worth can go up.

It’s not coming down!

If you are not feeling valued in your current position or you are not receiving a compensation that clearly states you are valued, then you should move on or raise your fees. Don’t compromise your worth.

Keep in mind if you don’t value yourself, then no one else will.

For advice on how to set your fees…Read this post!

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