Doulas go paperless

Doulas Go Paperless

Today’s doula can have it extremely easy and track all her client information without using any paper.

Potential or existing clients can go to your doula website and type in all the information that you need.  This allows doulas to have important details about potential clients even before a meeting so that they can be extra prepared and tailor their doula pitch to the specific needs of expecting families.

Online forms can be created for free using many internet websites:

The great thing about using electronic forms in an instant spreadsheet or database of your client is created and then you can use the information in many ways that paper would limit you. For example you could email invoices to all your clients utilizing the database.  All the information you need to serve your clients is always available at your finger tips and can be made accessible online.

Also, if you have a laptop or better yet an iPad, during an appointment you could hand it over to your doula client so they could complete your form and create their electronic file instantly.

Below are some examples of doula online forms. Keep your forms short or break them into small parts so that clients are not overwhelmed.

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