New Dad

Doulas for Gay Men

new dadsYour surrogate is pregnant and you are anxiously waiting for the birth of your child. Consider having an experienced doula by your side.

Doulas are well known for helping women through pregnancy, birth, and labor. However as expecting fathers you need that same support.

With doula support you will have:

  • A knowledgeable and trained person beside you at the hospital as your surrogate goes through either vaginal or cesarean birth
  • Help with creating your birth plan
  • Someone to be your advocate and give you advice on communicating effectively with health care providers
  • Assistance with bonding at birth and newborn care
  • Support with pumping colostrum and helping your surrogate establish milk supply
  • Help securing donor breastmilk
  • In hospital support while you wait for your baby to be discharged
  • At home support during immediate postpartum period
  • Reassurance, guidance, and emotional support

Having a great birth experience is important to building your family.

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