c) Doula Contract

doula contract


Once you are hired by families to be their doula you should email them an agreement or contract of your services. In this way everything is clear and expectations on yours and their part is outlined.

This contract should reflect what you personally feel is important. Each doula contract is different and specific to that doula business. Do not feel that your contract must match another doula’s.

As a word of advice I have found the contracts to be to wordy. If you can get everything down in the simplest wording and all on one page that would be best. Also, in the next segment we’ll discuss paperless options. It is possible for you to have your contract online and then have clients agree or sign your contract online, avoiding paper.

This has so many benefits. They can sign write away and not need to mail the document to you or scan and email the document. You won’t have any paper files to store. All your files will be digital and you can access them anywhere.

You can download this example paper contract.

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