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Doula Business Tips

The Doula profession is growing year by year and is a rewarding way to earn a living. The following tips will help you grow your doula business.

1. Set a goal

Decide what you intend to accomplish as a doula.  This should also include a monthly client and revenue goal. Having a goal in place will be key in building your doula business. Your goal will motivate you forward.

Example goals: to serve 3 clients each month; to empower the women I serve; to have revenue of $2400 per month as a doula

2. Know your product

You are the product.  Think about your strengths, talents, and knowledge. What do you offer as a doula that is unique? Write it down. Keep it brief 3-5 sentences. This will be your pitch to pregnant families.

3. Set proper fees

it is important to get properly compensated for the work that you provide as a doula.  To calculate or revise your fees, think about your time, talent, knowledge and the skills that you bring to each birth.  Reflect upon what dollar amount your skill level is worth, then add 25%, really, because you weren’t charging enough.  Now you have the proper fee.

4. Be professional

Professionalism is a state of being, an attitude.  It will set you apart from amateurs.  Prospective clients are attracted to professionalism. The following things show professionalism:

  • Being organized
  • Having a website
  • Having business cards
  • Having a biography/stories of your experience
  • Having informational packets
  • Making a “sales” pitch or presentation to potential families
  • Hand writing out thank you notes
  • Always being on time or slightly early for appointments
  • Wearing appropriate clothes; not to casual
  • Having a separate voice message for your business
  • Making sure your children are cared for and quiet when you conduct business
  • Having a firm handshake; being warm
  • Having a nice purse or bag on your arm when you meet clients
  • Meeting clients in a clean and quiet place
  • Spell checking emails and text messages

5. Market yourself

It is important to always promote your doula business.

  • Pass out business cards
  • Have a website
  • Use social media tools
  • Ask for reviews/testimonials of your service
  • Join a doula group/collective in your local area
  • Partner with professionals in your area that can refer pregnant women
  • Advertise in local parent/mom magazines and websites

6. Diversify

Add other related services to your doula business, such as bellycasting, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulation, blogger, and prenatal yoga instructor. There are over 60 roles within the childbirth profession. Read about them in the book, Called to the Childbirth Profession.

Your success has just begun!

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