doula breastfeeding

Why a Doula Breastfeeding Specialist?


The truth is women often need more help to successfully breastfeed then they are given. The doula breastfeeding specialist stays with a woman and her baby, not leaving her side until breastfeeding goes well. Just as a birth doula remains by a laboring woman’s side until she gives birth.

Most women receive help to breastfeed at the hospital bed side or in 1 hour office appointments with lactation consultants. This is helpful, but honestly it is the late-late night, early-early morning feedings when breastfeeding can be overwhelming. It is in those days after giving birth when more help with breastfeeding may be needed to manage nipple tenderness and breast soreness. New moms need help to understand how to manage engorgement. Also, they need guidance to understand how to use a breastpump and when to begin offering a bottle if they are returning to work.

This is where the skills of a doula breastfeeding specialist are amazing to assist a mom and her baby through each feeding in her home where she can be comfortable.  The doula breastfeeding specialist offers emotional support as well. New moms experience a range of emotions from joy to anxiety. They worry if they are making milk, why do their breasts look this way, etc. The doula breastfeeding specialist through a few days of continuous care will guide families to understand the breastfeeding process and overcome challenges.

Certification Requirements

– Take Breastfeeding Specialist Training Course

– Complete required reading

– Provide 40 hours of breastfeeding support