i) What does your research show?

researchTake your time initially gathering information and doing research.

Keep in mind that research is an ongoing process. Items such as figuring out what prices to charge should be done yearly to ensure that you’re not undervaluing your services or products.

Once you’ve collected your research then you must analyze it.

  • Are there any patterns or recurring themes?
  • Is there something significant you should do?
  • Is there something significant you should avoid?
  • Are there potential opportunities?

Use the research notepad to record your answers.


Case One


After researching doula businesses in your area you discover one that has uses the exact business name you chose.


You decide to go with a different name.

Case Two


From a survey you emailed to a local moms group you discover that pregnant families in your area lack immediate family members that live close by and are in need of assistance the first 1-2 weeks postpartum.


So you decide to expand your services to include postpartum doula care as well as birth doula support.


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