1. Certification Requirements and All Forms

You will receive credit 16 contact hours and attendance verification when you complete the online doula training course.

It is optional if you wish to become certified. There is no additional fee.

If you wish to become a certified CPI Doula, then you must complete the steps below. When you are ready you will find your verification forms available in this module.

Come back Here when you are ready to complete forms

Certification Steps to Complete
1. Successfully complete the modules in your online doula training course
2. Support 2 laboring women and complete this form for each birth (click)
3. Interview 2 childbirth professionals and complete this form (click)
4. Complete required reading list (click)

Once these steps are complete you will receive your CPI Doula certification.

Complete Assignment 1

Please write down the book you are most interested in reading from the list.


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