Level Up Your Career

Leveling Up


In this eCourse I share proven strategies from personal coaching sessions to help you revive, renew, and recharge your career leveling up to the endless possibilities and amazing opportunities that await. Now is your time. Take a leap. Level up in your career.


This course awards 6 contact hours.


I’m Donyale Abe author of the book Called to the Childbirth Profession. I believe in leveling up your career. I’ve been in the field for 20 years and I still haven’t reached the max. Many avenues exist to grow and thrive in the birth profession. I support you. Contact me with any questions or just to share your journey.

What to Expect

This course is designed to give you the experience of a one on one coaching session with me. It is self paced and should take 6 hours or less to complete. Through audio lessons you will receive instruction and practical guidance.


  • Understand action steps for career growth
  • Gain strategies to increase a positive mindset


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