Consultant Services

childbirth consultant

Program Development

Our focus is to assist hospitals, birthing centers, midwives, physicians, community health organizations, and other related women’s health groups to develop evidence-based childbirth education programs or update existing programs.

It is important that your childbirth class teaching curriculum stay up to date and be evidence-based.

We provide in-house training for your staff helping them become certified childbirth educators in a time effective manner.

Consultant Services

Let our professional experience put you at ease. We can assist you with big and small tasks…

– Assess current childbirth education program for outcomes and submit report

– Write childbirth class curriculum specific to your organization

– Implement new childbirth education program and train staff

– Create class booklets and teaching handouts

– Create PowerPoint presentations

– Recommend teaching materials and resources

– Train staff to teach and present effectively

– Provide in service trainings

– Offer nursing contact hours

Our commitment is to empower organizations and professionals offering childbirth education to families.

We strive to make sure your childbirth education program is effective and making a difference helping families feel prepared and confident through their pregnancies and birthing experiences.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly about your specific needs. We provide childbirth education consultant services for large and small groups even assisting independent educators to get their teaching centers or home-based birth class businesses up and running.