Career and Business Coaching for Childbirth Professionals

Personalized Sessions

We specialize in helping childbirth professionals take their careers to the next level. In our sessions professionals receive one on one attention and personalized advice. We will give you practical strategies that you can implement and experience results.

Coaching sessions are offered by phone and start at  25 minutes sessions. Follow up slides and resources are sent by email.

Let us know your availability.

Possible Topics

Business strategies: Figure out the steps you need to take. Get tips on marketing. You can ask all your questions, receive advice, and affirm your plans.

Career strategies: Get assistance developing your career journey plan. Receive personal advice. Ask some one that’s been there all your questions.

Marketing: Understand how to be develop a strategy that is affordable, practical, and delivers results.

Curriculum development: Guidance on how to create dynamic, engaging, and inspiring childbirth classes.

Presentation strategies: Have an expert look over your materials and give you valuable feedback and tips on how to design a dynamic presentation.

Personalized: Let us know what your concerns and needs are…

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