childbirth educator job

Childbirth Educator Job Description

childbirth educator job


Birth educator, childbirth educator, prenatal instructor, antenatal instructor, prenatal health education, health educator, perinatal educator, community health educator, maternal educator, parent educator

Summary of Work

Childbirth educators teach classes to families expecting babies. Classes take place in a variety of settings doctor offices, hospitals, homes, community centers, etc. Childbirth classes help women and their families better understand the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. Childbirth educators are a resource for families providing information they may not have access to outside of a childbirth class. They help couples learn valuable skills and strategies to have an empowered birth experience.

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Average hourly rate is $28 per hour or full time annual salary of $62,000. The hours are usually evenings and weekends. At a hospital this position is often per diem.

Employment Opportunities

Certified childbirth educators are employed in hospitals, public health departments, community organizations, physician groups, birthing centers, health plans, and other related companies.

Independent Business Opportunity

Self employment is an option for childbirth educators. Instructors can also teach birth classes independently in their homes, open their own teaching centers, or partner with other professionals to offer services. Independent educators income begins at $35 per hour and has unlimited potential.

Education and Training

Employers seeking to hire childbirth educators may seek the following requirements

  • College degree
  • Certification as childbirth educator through nationally recognized organization like CPI

Additional, though not required to become a certified childbirth educator

  • Nursing license, RN


Possesses comprehensive knowledge of reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding, infant development, and infant care

Researches, synthesizes, and maintains evidence-based curriculum

Use of learner centered teaching strategies

Ability to manage and facilitate a group of diverse learners

Proficiency teaching wide range of relaxation and labor coping strategies


The work of a childbirth educator is rewarding. Depending on the location the income varies. This can be a full-time, part-time, or on-call position. Interested individuals should research their local community to discover how childbirth educators are building their careers or businesses. Be mindful if you are passionate about this work you will find success, and you should take your own path. We are living in an extraordinary time filled with amazing possibilities. Believe!

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