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Childbirth Educator is perfect job for Stay at Home Moms

I’ve been a childbirth educator for 20 years, and from my personal experience it’s a great job for a mom with little ones who does want to work full time. I am so happy that I miraculously found this field.

Never before had I heard of all the roles that exist in the childbirth profession. There are so many possibilities to earn an income teaching childbirth classes, supporting families as a postpartum doula, facilitating prenatal yoga, blogging about motherhood, working as a lactation consultant, and so and on. The work is immensely rewarding and the best part is you can control your schedule.

Flexible Hours

That’s what sold me. I knew that whenever I had kids that I wanted to be with them as much as possible. Once I understood the flexibility of working as a childbirth educator I went for it completely earning my certification in six months. Two years later I had my first child and I was able to be with her in the day time while her dad worked, and then I taught childbirth classes at the local hospital in the evenings and weekends.

Great Pay

Another thing I love about teaching childbirth classes is the hourly pay. When I started out it was $25 per hour. The average pay now is about $30 to $75 per hour depending upon where you live and if you are employed or teach independently. Also, you can both be employed and teach independently at the same time to leverage your income…that’s what I did. Why limit yourself?

Work Anywhere

As I’ve moved through the years, what is so cool about being a childbirth educator and doula is taking my skills wherever I go and earning income right away. It is the kind of job you can do anywhere since people are always having babies.

Return on Investment

Getting certified as a childbirth educator is completely affordable. There are not many careers where you pay less than $1,000 for your education and training. Since, I’ve been working as a childbirth educator for 20 years, I’ve earned that initial investment back and more.

Too good to be true

What I love about being a childbirth educator is the amazement that parent’s express when they understand the power of childbirth. Having a baby is an important and happy moment of life for most people paying to take a childbirth class. I love working to support people during one of their most happiest times. Families are always glad to see you — their childbirth educator/doula. For me the work just never gets old. Often it does seem to good to be true that I get to teach birth classes, empower parents, and make money. Sometimes I forget it’s “work”. I feel complete; that’s the best way to describe the satisfaction I have from the work that I do. I know that I’m doing the work I was born for, that’s super fulfilling!

(written by D. Abe, Childbirth Educator/Doula)

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