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Childbirth Education Teaching Ideas

Whether you are a new or an experienced childbirth educator we all need strategies to effectively teach and reach the childbearing families we serve.easy pose sketch

When I first began teaching years ago I stumbled upon these materials by Janelle Durham and they were a big help to me in developing my class formats, especially an all day Saturday session.  This website is dated, but please overlook that because the teaching tips and strategies are useful.

Janelle has listed ice breakers, games, handouts, artwork, medication articles, statistics, and so much more.

You just feel Janelle’s warmth and passion for childbirth education emanating from the materials she has created. She has a generous spirit and is a mentor to many childbirth educators she has never met through the content she has made available.

I encourage you to make use of this invaluable resource. Use it as is or tweak it to fit your class. Check the copyright restrictions which are very lenient.

May we all incorporate generosity into our teaching and the way we live.

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