CBE Workshop

Childbirth Educator Training Workshop

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Childbirth Educator Training Course

1. Dynamics of Group Learning in Childbirth Education
2. Teaching Skills for the Childbirth Educator
3. Curriculum Development
4. Healthy Lifestyles
5. Labor Process
6. Breathing and Relaxation
7. Profession of Childbirth Education
8. Teaching from Risk Benefit Point of View
9. Postpartum and Breastfeeding


18 contact hours; nursing CEUs

Fulfills requirement for Childbirth Educator Certification Program (click).

Course credit qualifies as prerequisite for midwifery schools; verify with school admissions.


  • -2 day classroom training
  • -Online self-paced


There are no prerequisites. No books to read before attending course.

The childbirth educator training is a great starting point as you begin your career in maternal women’s health and reproductive work.

Interactive, Experiential, Empowering

Students will learn how to teach effective childbirth classes that empower and give families confidence in the birth process. The course is packed with the latest teaching techniques and is a great refresher for current childbirth educators. Participants learn:

— strategies to make childbirth classes fun and engaging.

— breathing, relaxation, and coping strategies that can benefit women during pregnancy and through labor.

— how to grow your career or business as a childbirth professional.

Student Review of CBE Course

I would like to state that the certification process that I have gone through in the last eight weeks has been an amazing journey of in-depth learning. This has provided me the following statements to share:

1) I have been taken through a mirrored reflection journey of the “knowledge” I already knew over many years, yet there has been a vast of new understandings and perspectives I have gained.

2) I have been provided a series of newly gained “knowledge” and can now apply this practical knowledge of the birthing basics into my current classes that I teach.

3) Most importantly, I have been able to take the steps of not only creating, but identifying a Childbirth Education Philosophy statement that has been a part of my childbirth educator journey for many years. I call this my “Childbirth Education Mission Statement”, which is to work collaboratively with customer owners to provide childbirth education options and decisions for their individual family needs.

With the knowledge I have gained and the educational journey I have completed in this certificate program, I am excited to implement the additional knowledge into the childbirth classes that I teach. I am honored to have been a part of the Childbirth Professionals International – Childbirth Educator Certification Program and look forward to working further on other certifications offered.

Thank you, Velda


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