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Certification Advisor

Faculty DabeDonyale Abe, Masters of Science in Medical Education Leadership, University of New England, CPI Certified Childbirth Educator & Certified Doula

Phone/Text: 916-525-7596


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This online childbirth educator training course combines:

– workshop lessons

– study modules

– and assignments all in one.

**If you only need credit for the workshop, skip the study modules and assignments.**

Dear Participants,

Keep in mind that an in-person class is 18 hours, and then participants must still complete the study modules and the assignments. This option allows you to combine everything at once.

This online course is designed to cover the same material as the in person class. Since it is self paced you can expect some lessons to be quick and others to take longer. Once you complete this course then your study modules and assignments will also be complete.

Don’t be time conscious. Focus on the lessons points and enjoy the process.

Schedule a day and time to work on your lessons. Create an alert on your phone.

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