Love my job as doula

Strategies for success as a birth professional

I absolutely love the work that I am called to do…it fits me so well. What about you? These are strategies to discovering your personal career pleasure. Assess Your Career You know the old saying you can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re at… Which one of these describes where[…]


How to fund your training as a Doula or other birth professional

Dear Childbirth Professional, I am excited for you to begin your journey as a: Doula Childbirth Educator Birth Yoga Instructor And whichever role you are currently pursuing in the birth profession I am the lead trainer and executive director for Childbirth Professionals International, but don’t let that fool you. I understand hardship and financial difficulties,[…]

Rock New Years

14 Ways Birth Professionals Can Recharge

1. Get Inspired It is hard to give to others what you don’t have. Take some essential me time and do whatever inspires you.  See a concert, an art exhibit, or a Broadway Musical. Take a hike or go to the ocean. Light some candles, play your favorite songs, and quietly reflect on the highs[…]

Henna Design

How to build a Blessingway Facilitator business

Blessingways are personalized ceremonies that unlike traditional baby showers are mother-centered instead of baby-centered. Blessingways honor and celebrate the mother-to-be and are used as a ritual to mark her transition into motherhood. Blessingways are also used to mark other transitions in a woman’s life. Click to learn more. Facilitating Blessingway ceremonies is a great business[…]

blessing way

Blessingways honor life’s transitions

Blessingway ceremonies can be used as an important ritual to mark important transitions in a woman’s life such as: Starting menstrual cycle Getting married Becoming a mother Losing a child Going to school Graduating from school Getting divorced Health concerns Career change Menopause Blessingways are the opportunity to connect with the supportive women in your[…]

joy at birth

Birth Photographers show the power of birth

  So many ways exist to serve pregnant families and build a thriving career as a childbirth professional. Photographers are filling an important role in recording the journey, emotion, strength, and power of the birth experience. As mentioned in the book, Called to the Childbirth Profession, those with skills in photography can expand their careers[…]

Blessingway Facilitator Workshop

Become a Blessingway Facilitator

Facilitating blessingway ceremonies is a wonderful way that doulas, birth educators and other childbirth professionals can serve pregnant women. Blessingways originate from Native American culture and were used to mark transitions in the life of women. Unlike baby showers that often focus on gift giving, blessingways focus on honoring the expecting mother. The expecting mother[…]

Doula Training Workshop

How to find clients after your Birth Doula training

So you attended a Birth Doula Training and are inspired to begin helping families, but how do you find the pregnant families that need your services? It is easier than you think. Community Start by asking your friends and family members if they could recommend your services to pregnant families. Look within your local community[…]