powerful doula

Steps to a profitable doula business

The key step to success for doula or other birth businesses is to have a vision for all that you will accomplish.

woc birth professionals

Where are the women of color birth professionals?

It is important that more women of all ethnic backgrounds are able to become childbirth professionals.

doula support

Questions about becoming a Doula

About the Doula career questions and details

train the trainer

Doula Train the Trainer Workshop

Talented birth professionals can make a living facilitating doula, childbirth educator, lactation, and other related maternal health training workshops.

birth doula

Become a Doula

If you want to become a doula then just go for it.

I started working as a doula before I knew it had a name. It was years later when I found out you could charge people for attending their births and that the doula profession existed.

My first birth I  volunteered to attend, because I did not want a woman I had just befriended to give birth alone. Her husband was out of the country working, so I told her that I would be there. I even attended childbirth classes with her.

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