Steps to a profitable doula business

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The key step to success for doula or other birth businesses is to have a vision for all that you will accomplish.

Where are the women of color birth professionals?

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It is important that more women of all ethnic backgrounds are able to become childbirth professionals.

Questions about becoming a Doula

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About the Doula career questions and details

Become a Doula

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I worked as a doula for years not knowing it was a service that people paid for

Strategies for success as a birth professional

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I absolutely love the work that I am called to do…it fits me so well. What about you? These are strategies to discovering your personal career pleasure. Assess Your Career You know the old saying you can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re at… Which one of these describes where … Read moreStrategies for success as a birth professional

How to fund your training as a Doula or other birth professional


Dear Childbirth Professional, I am excited for you to begin your journey as a: Doula Childbirth Educator Birth Yoga Instructor And whichever role you are currently pursuing in the birth profession I am the lead trainer and executive director for Childbirth Professionals International, but don’t let that fool you. I understand hardship and financial difficulties, … Read moreHow to fund your training as a Doula or other birth professional