n. Relationships

  Be mindful of your relationships. Toxicity kills inspiration. You know naysayers, the negative Nancy, jealous eyes, individuals that can only compete with you, and so forth… Attract and hold on to relationships that leave you feeling happy and make you better. If you feel stressed and worked up then that relationship is probably one[…]

m. Travel

Going to places near by or even a bit far leads to inspiration… You will meet new people, eat different food, and see new things to spark your mind. Even if you’ve been there before you often will get to see something that you didn’t see before. And it’s not always about something new…going to[…]

l. Reading

Take the time to read to find inspiration. It doesn’t matter what you read blog posts, magazines, books, newspapers, etc. You’ll be surprised where you find inspiration. I read the Sunday newspaper and love the business section where often I find the personal stories of a business women in my city that started from nothing[…]

k. Nature

The quote above is from Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden which documents the lessons he learned having spent 2 years immersed in nature. The book is over a hundred years old but still has value for what it shares. Nature needs no explanation… If you take a walk and see the sunset it is inspiring.[…]

j. Birth Films

Each year amazing birth films and documentaries are released. Also, you can find amateur birth films on YouTube. Watch birth videos. Inspiration is found in every birth. Look out for birth conferences and birth film festivals that you can attend. Examples Informed Choice Coalition One World Birth It’s My Body, My Baby, My Birth Next[…]

i. Art

Art inspires… Art exists in many shapes and forms from quilting to sculpting to dancing to acting. Immerse yourself in art often and watch the result. Art makes you see things you don’t always see. Art can make you believe. You can find art collections online for viewing. All the leading museums have part of[…]

h. Quotes

  Sometimes you just have to borrow inspiration… Reading quotes and sharing quotes are a great method for this. An internet search by image of inspirational quotes on a myriad of topics will give you suggestions of quotes you can use. Example search terms quotes hope quotes success quotes fearless quotes motivation quotes dreams quotes[…]