nine months film

Nine Months that Made You documentary researches pregnancy

The BBC documentary “Nine Months that Made You” discusses how the nine-ten months of pregnancy has lasting effects upon one’s life. The time we spend developing in the womb affects our health, personality, and even our future children. You can watch it on PBS If you really enjoy the documentary you can purchase the video[…]

natural birth

How to have a natural birth in Sacramento

If you are pregnant and live in Sacramento, California or are planning to move here soon, then you couldn’t ask for a better place to have a natural childbirth. You will find access to a range of options, birth places, and supportive health care professionals to help you fulfill your desire to have a natural[…]

student experience

A student’s experience from taking Online Doula Workshop

We are so glad to be able to offer the essence of our in-person doula training online. This was sent to us from our student Lara that just completed the training… 1. From this Doula workshop I have learned ways to support a woman in birth. One of the most important tools that I have[…]

birth journal

Top Journals Birth Professionals should be reading…

Childbirth Professionals must stay current with the latest news, research, debate, and techniques in their field. Journals and magazines published by childbirth associations and organizations are an excellent way to receive new information. The following are some of the best journals and magazines in the field.  We say this because they are also available for[…]

Relax Melodies

Relaxation Music and White Noise Apps for Moms and Babies

  The following apps we highly recommend for anyone that needs help to relax, destress, and be soothed to sleep. In fact whether you work with pregnant moms as a doula, or you are a mom with a new baby, and even if you are a dad just managing life, these apps will meet the[…]

birth class books

Top Childbirth Class Booklets to give to parents

Here’s our recommendation for best birth class booklets: Injoy Birth and Parenting Education The Family Way Plumtree Baby Customized Communications Mother’s Advocate (free) Comfort in Labor (free) Class booklets are an essential component of an excellent childbirth class. They help class participants to retain information and they are also a valuable resource covering information an[…]

Called to Childbirth

Great Reviews for Called to the Childbirth Profession

Much thanks to all that have purchased and read our new book, Called to the Childbirth Profession. This book is the first A to Z guide to the childbirth profession. It is written to inspire both new and seasoned professionals. The book has received excellent reviews at Here are some of the thoughts that[…]