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What it takes to be a midwife

The following is enjoyable and practical insight on what it takes to be a midwife from the Birthstream Midwifery Newsletter, by Tosi Marceline, LM, in Davis, California. We wanted to share this with all those seeking to become midwives and believe it will be useful as you begin your journey… Insight on what it takes[…]

California Midwives

Keep Midwifery Care accessible in California

Midwifery care is an important health option that women have the right to have access to. However, midwifery care in California for out of hospital births is at risk by the proposal of a new law/bill SB 304 and AB1308. In summary these laws might make it extremely difficult for midwives to provide homebirth and[…]

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Love this website: What is a Midwife?

The American College of Nurse Midwives are doing some amazing work creating resources to promote midwifery care. Kudos for ACNM! Check out this website for consumers called Our Moment of Truth: A new understanding of midwifery care. We just love the wording. It really gets one thinking about the truth… (click for website) It is[…]

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I am a Midwife videos are great resource

The American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) has a YouTube channel called I am a midwife with great videos discussing the work and benefits of midwifery care. It is an excellent resource for childbirth professionals to share with families.