j) Focus and Act

Audio Segment Review what you wrote down in the first activity…What’s working Pick one focus from your list and decide to take it farther. Take your time reflecting. It’s okay if in considering your focus you think of something that’s not on your list… Examples Mentor and train others Write articles, books Teach at a[…]

h) Confidence Boosters

Audio Segment Make a list of your highs…reflect on your accomplishments and achievements, big or small Take your time and record/write down as many as you can. What are your highest talents? Look through the following to remind yourself Cards, notes Emails, letters Photos Work history, resume Classwork ie papers, tests Praise, reviews References, recommendations[…]

g) Surge of Inspiration

  Audio Segment Search for personal inspiration. Get immersed in inspiration. Keep going until you’re inspired. Write or record two items that inspire you… Places to look for inspiration Movies People Quotes – search using Google under images Nature – sunrise, sunset, ocean, clouds Songs & song lyrics Biography website/show Documentaries – Netflix ex:[…]