y) Assignment 7 Practice Techniques

Your assignment is to practice as many of these techniques as possible on another person. You will need to email birtheducators@gmail.com  a photo of yourself trying any of the techniques on anyone that you can…relative, significant other, child, friend, coworker, or pregnant woman. Don’t worry you have time to do this…whenever you’re ready. It just needs … Read morey) Assignment 7 Practice Techniques

x) It’s My Body, It’s My Baby, It’s My Birth

Watch this film about women that chose to have a natural birth. Although, keep in mind that as a Doula you very often support women that use medication and have interventions through a portion of their birth, if not the entire experience. As Doulas we offer unconditional support. Next Assignment 7 Practice Techniques Back to Module 4 Outline … Read morex) It’s My Body, It’s My Baby, It’s My Birth

v) Journey Visualization sheet

Please download the Journey Visualization sheet. Journey Visualization Keep in mind that the more your client practices her visualization with you or someone else the greater the relaxation when she is in labor. The more details you know about her personal visualization, then also the greater the relaxation. Ask your client specifics about where she … Read morev) Journey Visualization sheet