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Due Dates

Don’t Count On Pregnancy Due Dates

Pregnancy due dates are not accurate. They are determined based upon Naegele’s rule, a system from the 1800’s created without any scientific research.

Multiple factors determine the gestational period of humans, and they vary based upon a woman’s ethnicity, height, weight, age, length of menstrual cycle, day of ovulation, and so forth. The current thinking is that it is time to move away from using Naegele’s rule and stop giving women a precise date.

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Does pregnancy and breastfeeding lower breast cancer risk?

Research does show that women who begin childbearing at around 20 years old receive the correlated health benefit of reducing their chance of developing breast cancer.

Additionally, women that breastfeed their children for two years or more reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 24 percent. Breastfeeding for 2 years or more greatly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, even if a woman starts childbearing later in life.

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