Mom of three completes online doula course

  Congratulations to Mishka B who recently completed the online doula course. It was a pleasure to connect with her. Although the course is conducted virtually, students and the instructor are able to share and exchange ideas. The course contains 15 modules that are self paced. Once complete students can receive certification by completing the Read more about Mom of three completes online doula course[…]

busy doula mom

Busy mom loves flexibility of doula training online

Reflection #1 on The Birth Doula Online Training from Mishka B. In terms of convenience, it doesn’t get better than this.  As a busy mother of three,  I appreciate that I can work at my own pace and that I’m free to set my own schedule. It was very simple to jump right into the Read more about Busy mom loves flexibility of doula training online[…]

Teen mom becomes a Doula

We are super giddy to welcome teen mom Jessica of Winters, CA into our online doula training program. She was awarded a scholarship to the program and is now on her way to an amazing career supporting women through childbirth. Jessica became interested in the doula profession after her own birth experience. Still in high Read more about Teen mom becomes a Doula[…]

Doula Workshop

Consultant Services for doula program development

Childbirth Professionals International can assist your hospital, birth center, or local community group to develop a program to provide doula care to pregnant women and their families. Doulas provide important care as part of the health team. Doula care has the following benefits for women giving birth: Reduces anxiety and stress Shortens labor Reduces labor Read more about Consultant Services for doula program development[…]