Module 7 Assignments

Directions Part A) Breastfeeding Specialist provide basic breastfeeding knowledge and assistance. If any circumstance arises where the mother and/or babies health is a concern then the Breastfeeding Specialist must make a referral to a lactation consultant and/or physician. Using Google Docs, make a list of circumstances when you would refer your client to a lactation … Read moreModule 7 Assignments

Module 6 Assignments

Directions A)¬†Summarize 5 key points you learned from Chapter 18. Type your answers into a Google Document and share with; include your name and assignment 6 in the title. B) Create a handout with Google Docs listing at least 10 benefits of breastfeeding past one year. Share your document with Next Common Breastfeeding … Read moreModule 6 Assignments