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rebozo seoul training

First ever Seoul Rebozo Techniques Training

We had so much fun at the Rebozo techniques training in Seoul this past March. The workshop led by CPI Trainer Dee Abe was both practical and fun.

Little translation was needed for this hands on workshop. Participants were both Korean and expat health care professionals. Some traveled to Seoul from as far as 4-5 hours away to learn these useful labor comfort techniques. It was well worth the journey.

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CPI with Yeon & Nature

Exploring Birth Centers in Seoul Korea

CPI has a mission to empower women everywhere. With our mission in mind we traveled to Seoul, South Korea to learn how childbirth professionals were providing care for the pregnant (임신) women living in South Korea.

We visited two birthing centers, and had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Chung, Medi Flower, and Dr. Park, Yeon & Nature. We were impressed with Dr. Chung’s passion to not only serve and provide birthing options for women, but he also has a commitment to educate and train healthcare professionals about natural childbirth.

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