Placenta teaching tool for childbirth education


The placenta is so super amazing… 1. The only disposable organ 2. Supplies nutrients and oxygen 3. Produces essential hormones 4. Provides protecting antibodies 5. Serves as filter 6. Starts breastmilk production 7. Balances postpartum moods And much more… We found this beautiful placenta model that is handcrafted by a doula.¬†Unfortunately she is no longer … Read morePlacenta teaching tool for childbirth education

Pregnancy and Childbirth Education Consultant Services

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  Program Development Our focus is to assist hospitals, birthing centers, midwives, physicians, community health organizations, and other related women’s health groups to develop evidence-based childbirth education programs or update existing programs. It is important that your childbirth class teaching curriculum stay up to date and be evidence-based. We provide in-house training for your staff … Read morePregnancy and Childbirth Education Consultant Services

How to determine your Childbirth Philosophy


As you begin to teach childbirth classes consider what your intention is. Your confidence and effectiveness will increase knowing what you believe and what you wish to accomplish. You might work for a hospital or other organization that mandates your teaching their curriculum, still you will have greater satisfaction and be more effective once you … Read moreHow to determine your Childbirth Philosophy

How to teach informed consent in childbirth classes

Of importance when teaching childbirth classes is helping families gain the skills to critically consider their options for birth. Childbirth educators, doulas, and midwives can use a few of these strategies to teach families to make informed decisions and actively participate in their health care. 1. Show videos of birth stories where women are faced … Read moreHow to teach informed consent in childbirth classes

I might switch the booklet I use to teach birth classes

Understanding Birth

I really love the childbirth class teaching book Understanding Birth from Change is difficult, but the booklet is so well done that after a few more test runs using it to teach my classes I believe that I am going to make a switch. I had been giving students a booklet that I wrote … Read moreI might switch the booklet I use to teach birth classes

Childbirth Education Teaching Ideas

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Whether you are a new or an experienced childbirth educator we all need strategies to effectively teach and reach the childbearing families we serve. When I first began teaching years ago I stumbled upon these materials by Janelle Durham and they were a big help to me in developing my class formats, especially an all … Read moreChildbirth Education Teaching Ideas

Free Childbirth Education Materials

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We want to let you know about companies that provide free movies, handouts, and teaching tools for childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, and other professionals.¬†¬†Join our email list to receive notice of new resources. Childbirth Professionals – Handouts we really love and use for our classes Nine Months that Made You – Free birth … Read moreFree Childbirth Education Materials