Affirmations: a simple birth tool

Affirmations are words or phrases that are positive, validating, and empowering. Used through pregnancy they can prepare women to cope with labor. As well they are useful with managing all forms of stress. ($2.95, buy printable Birth Affirmation cards) Even if an affirmation is used only during the birth experience for the first time, the right[…]

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About CPI

Contact Call/Text 916-525-7596 Click to Email About Childbirth Professionals International (CPI) was founded in 1996. We are a continuing education provider through the California Board of Registered Nursing. Our offices are located in Sacramento, California, USA. CPI has members throughout the US and globally. We have been working with hospitals like Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, and organizations[…]

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Basic Supply List for Childbirth Educators

Question I intend to teach private classes in my home. What essential supplies would you recommend for a new childbirth class business starting out? Answer We would recommend to keep it simple. Do not purchase expensive supplies. Parents don’t need a lot of flash. They come to childbirth classes mostly wanting to learn breathing and[…]


Certified Childbirth Educator Program Comments

Velda who completed the program wrote I would like to state that the certification process that I have gone through in the last eight weeks has been an amazing journey of in-depth learning. This has provided me the following statements to share: 1) I have been taken through a mirrored reflection journey of the “knowledge”[…]

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Role and Scope of Childbirth Educator

Click to Download Role and Scope of Childbirth Educator CPI childbirth educators facilitate comprehensive learner centered classes. Our core tenant: “knowledgeable about options, empowered to give birth.”™ The focus of the childbirth educator is to facilitate understanding, awareness, and reflection on a wide range of topics increasing a student’s knowledge of reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth,[…]