Four questions to ask

Four questions to ask in pregnancy

Remember these 4 W’s to make informed decisions for pregnancy and childbirth. Part of feeling empowered is getting the answers to all your questions.


Affirmations: a simple birth tool

Affirmations are words or phrases that are positive, validating, and empowering. Used through pregnancy they can prepare women to cope with labor. As well they are useful with managing all forms of stress.

Even if an affirmation is used only during the birth experience for the first time, the right words can turn a stressful or challenging moment around.

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Certified Childbirth Educator Program Comments

Velda who completed the program wrote

I would like to state that the certification process that I have gone through in the last eight weeks has been an amazing journey of in-depth learning. This has provided me the following statements to share:

1) I have been taken through a mirrored reflection journey of the “knowledge” I already knew over many years, yet there has been a vast of new understandings and perspectives I have gained.

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role childbirth educator

Role and Scope of Childbirth Educator

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Role and Scope of Childbirth Educator

CPI childbirth educators facilitate comprehensive learner centered classes. Our core tenant: “knowledgeable about options, empowered to give birth.”™

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