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Doula Self Care Tip is Embrace Fall

Happy Fall! It’s a transitional time of the year. We observe the changes in the leaves, the temperature, and the length of days (depending on where you live.) But what about you personally as a childbirth professional, as a pregnant woman, or as a mom…Are you embracing fall as the season suggests and letting go?[…]

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hope is power

Live an Unstoppable Life

Don’t let anything stop you. The only limit to your dreams and your success is you.  Within your life’s journey lie infinite possibilities… Dare to imagine them. When you are confronted with obstacles don’t give up. Take the time to reflect upon the desires of your heart. Create a vision board, write in a journal,[…]

dream big

What Are Your Dreams?

Your dreams will take you higher and enable you to soar reaching the stars. What are your dreams; personal & professional? You are dreaming … of your family of your community to be happy to be loved to change lives to change birth to make a difference to achieve to build of success of peace[…]