Tip #5 to become a Childbirth Educator – Decisions

Which training program fits your goals as a childbirth educator? As you pursue becoming a childbirth educator you should consider which childbirth organization certification program aligns best with your goals. More than one program may be suitable and you can be double or triple certified. Although, some organizations have rules against multiple certifications, it just[…]

Tip #4 to become a Childbirth Educator – Observe classes

Observe all types of childbirth classes As soon as you can start to observe other childbirth educators teach their classes. This is easy to do. Begin by contacting your local hospital and find out when the classes meet. Ask if you can attend or meet with the instructor. Most childbirth educators will let you watch[…]

Tip #3 to become a Childbirth Educator – See Births

To become an amazing childbirth educator you should begin observing women giving birth. If you can start with attending the births of your family and friends. Also, use internet resources like social media sites to see videos, pics, and read stories of birthing women. Birth is powerful, perfect, pleasing and so much much more that[…]

Tip #2 to become a Childbirth Educator – Reading

Tip #2 to become a Childbirth Educator Start reading everything you can about pregnancy, birth, infant care & development, and breastfeeding. You don’t have to wait to officially be enrolled in a childbirth educator certification program to begin learning. As you begin to read and learn about pregnancy and the birth process you’ll begin to[…]

Tip #1 to become a Childbirth Educator – Attend training

Are you considering becoming a childbirth educator? You should do it! I have been a childbirth educator for almost 20 years, but it seems like days because the work is amazingly wonderful. I forget that I work all the time! Being a childbirth educator is not your typical job…You get to inspire families and make[…]