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California Maternity Care contact hour module series

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Self Study Module

Easy to read charts summarize what’s currently happening for California women during childbirth in the June 2016 report Maternity Care in California: Delivering the Data released by the California Health Care Foundation.

More than half a million babies were born in California in 2014. This accounts for one in eight of all births in the United States. Having a baby is the number one reason for hospital admission, and laboring women feel pressured to have interventions that may not be needed.

This is a free self study module to keep professionals updated on current maternal health metrics. Also, important information for expecting families.


– Develop action steps to address maternal health concerns

– Analyze maternal health data

2 Contact Hours Available

Approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses and Childbirth Professionals International

Certificate awarded by email upon completion of the following:

– Pay $25 module fee

– Read Maternity Care in California: Delivering the Data

– Complete the three study questions



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