Doula Business

Business Resources for Doulas

Doula BusinessWe want to share a few resources to help you manage and run your doula practice.

We suggest that you if you don’t have any prior experience running a business that you sign up for one the free/low cost business classes held by your local SCORE chapter. This is a retired group of business people that volunteer to help those in their community start and run successful businesses.  As business requirements vary widely, this will allow you to discover what you need to do to start a doula business in your area. Click for info.

A post from the blog Better Birth Doula Services, “Keeping Track of Client Info” gives excellent tips on how to take your doula business paperless and also what phone apps work best to keep you organized. Click to read.

A post, iPad Can Organize Your Doula Business, written by Childbirth Professionals also provides great tips on going paperless. Click to read.

The digital book “How to Become a Doula and Create a Successful Business” by April Rain costs $4.99 through and offers great tips for those new to the profession. Click for info.

And if you have not heard about or, now you know about great tools to jump start your business. These websites are by the same person and she shares what helped her build a successful doula practice.

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