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business cards

Ordering business cards is a practical step towards moving your business forward. Business cards are not the necessary tool that they used to be. With the mass use of the internet and smart phones, a business card is not always necessary to give to others.

Some individuals that you network with will prefer to quickly take out their phone and type your information into their contacts, or take a photo of your business card and hand it back to you.

In any case, if asked, you don’t sound professional if you say I don’t have business cards. Also, you don’t always have the time to have a long conversation with those you’re networking with, so business cards will ensure that you can leave your contact information so clients can follow up with you.

To create your business card keep it simple and don’t spend a lot of money.

We have ordered business cards through Vistaprint many times and so we can give them a personal recommendation. If you have your logo ready, then you should include it on your business cards.

Shop around and compare business card prices. Go with a printer that will meet your needs.

Use this link to save if you decide to order from Vistaprint.

This is a photo of our business cards from Vistaprint

my business card

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