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How to build a Blessingway Facilitator business

Blessingways are personalized ceremonies that unlike traditional baby showers are mother-centered instead of baby-centered.

Blessingways honor and celebrate the mother-to-be and are used as a ritual to mark her transition into motherhood.

Blessingways are also used to mark other transitions in a woman’s life. Click to learn more.

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Facilitating Blessingway ceremonies is a great business opportunity for childbirth professionals to increase their income. Starting your business as a Blessingway Facilitator does not require high fees. Here are some tips to begin:


A great place to begin is by taking a Blessingway Facilitator’s Training Workshop. The workshop will give you practical information about how to plan and organize the elements of a Blessingway. The training workshop is an opportunity to learn from others, exchange ideas, and get all your questions answered about how to facilitate a Blessingway.

Business Requirements

When you start any type of business it is important to understand the requirements in your local area. You should contact your county or city business licensing department to find out what they require. Another great resources is SCORE.org. They provide free business advice, seminars, and access to mentors.


Creating a website in today’s competitive business marketplace is a must. If you cannot be found on the internet you don’t exist to your customers. You can build free websites using the following:


Once you feel confident and ready to facilitate Blessingway ceremonies, then start spreading the word about your skills. You can start getting the word out with social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Mom groups in your area are another great resources. Doula and midwifery collectives are also a great way to find clients. You will be surprised how many women are looking for an experienced Blessingway Facilitator to handle all the details of their special moment.


Do your research on how much to charge for your Blessingway Facilitation services. Conduct a google search on Blessingway ceremonies in your city. Be sure to charge enough to cover your time and expenses. You can create a package of services where you might offer to plan and organize for $200. Then actually facilitating the service might be an additional $175 for a 2-3 hour ceremony. There are many possibilities to setting your fees. Experiment and see what customers will pay. Remember that you are offering a valuable service and should be compensated accordingly for your work, even if you really enjoy it.


As your first Blessingway ceremony comes to an end, and all the women are overflowing with emotions and the mother that you are honoring is feeling the love of her friends and family members, that will be your reward. Blessingway facilitation is really about spreading love, and is there any greater reward.

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