Called to the Childbirth ProfessionDonyale Abe is passionate about serving childbirth professionals and childbearing families.  She has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and has 20 years experience in the field as a workshop facilitator, childbirth educator, doula, and prenatal yoga instructor.

She designed and wrote the training and certification program for Body Awareness Birth Yoga.

Ms. Abe is currently attending the University of New England in Maine pursing a Masters of Science in Medical Education Leadership.

She has worked in childbirth education for Kaiser Permanente, Mercy Healthcare, and the UC Davis Health System.

As an ambassador and advocate for the Childbirth Profession she spreads the knowledge about the amazing opportunities for those seeking careers serving childbearing families.

She is a past board member of the International Childbirth Education Association, serving as treasurer, and also managing editor of the International Journal of Childbirth Education.

She has prepared thousands of families and professionals across the globe through her classes, articles, podcasts, and workshops.

She wrote the Blueprint for Childbirth Health Care Studies, a college curriculum that fills the gap so that professionals can graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree prepared to serve families without needing further certification.